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16 January 2017

Recent, Ongoing, and Upcoming Plan 9 Projects

I spend plenty of words here talking about my own Plan 9 coding and setups, but there are many other people doing interesting work using 9front. I wanted to list some other recently completed, ongoing, and upcoming software being created. This isn't a comprehensive list, just things I have seen people mention in irc that they are working on. If you'd like your project included here, or want to update the information I've posted or have me post a link to something, just let me know. Remember that this is mostly work-in-progress and some projects may evolve to a different form, or be left to simmer on the proverbial back burner. In alphabetical order by irc handle:

Along with all this, Cinap Lenrek and others have been keeping up a steady stream of improvements and bugfixes to 9front itself. Good luck to everyone developing in Plan 9, may your Twalks always take you where you want to go and your Treads always return the data you need.