Walkthrough for hubfs-controlled boot and announcing to Inferno registry

Works with any ANTS installs + optional Inferno

You need a grid server which will serve hubfs via standard rcpu export and optionall inferno with the inferno registry. On that machine

hub -b gridhub

To start up a background hubfs process available at /srv/gridhub.

Copy the hubrc file to /rc/bin

cp plan9ants/cfg/hubrc /rc/bin/hubrc

In the client machine's plan9.ini add:

hubserver=name or dialstring
registry=dialstring of inferno registry #optional

This will cause the node to use /rc/bin/hubrc instead of the usual cpurc or termrc. The node will boot and connect to the hubserver and share a shell into the hubfs under its own name. On any machine which can mount the gridhub and has access to the ants directory,

rimport -a hubserver /srv #if not on the hubserver itself
mount -c /srv/gridhub /n/hubfs
cat antsdir/scripts/gridcpurc >>/n/hubfs/remotesysname0

The node will follow the instructions in the gridcpurc and will also announce its services to the inferno registry.